The New Zealand Hip Hop Summit is back again since 2012 & will be held at the Toia Recreation Centre & Ōtāhuhu Pātaka Kōrero Library in South Auckland on the 25th November 2017.  This will be another fantastic opportunity to come along with your whanau & experience a dazzling day with live music, colorful airbrush and aerosol art, live breaking & Deejay scratch jams,  songwriting & beating making workshops & showcase of Aotearoa’s best of the best in beatboxing, Emceeing, deejaying, breaking & popping, all style dancing, ending the day with our very own Hip Hop awards, bringing communities together to celebrate NZ Hip Hop success with the focus on engaging with our young people in a positive fashion & developing their skills & talents thru the 9 elements of Hip Hop culture & our kaupapa which is peace, love & unity & safely having fun.  It will be a day the whole family will enjoy and remember. a new post.

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